$5 million in lost production identified through training and mentoring programme

ESP Training and Mentoring in Ecuador


Our client had an ESP population of around 100 and was in the process of implementing a new software tool to help with real-time monitoring and diagnosis of their performance. It had already been introduced in other locations with rod pumped wells but had not previously been used for ESPs. The operations manager knew his staff needed help and hired us to deliver training (in Spanish) and review how the software performed ESP analysis.

What we did

We ran two one-week courses for their staff, supplemented by a mentoring programme focusing on use of the software to diagnose ESP problems that were resulting in lost production. Each person was given wells to analyse and required to review their work with the trainer.

“The training and consultancy that ALP offers is highly specialised. Very few people in our industry have the ability and experience to provide the technical support that we needed. We believe that ALP helped us develop a higher level of competency in ESP operations.”

-operations manager


We analysed how the software was performing ESP diagnosis and found 67 suggested improvements, which were implemented for the global software deployment. Approximately $5 million of production lost as a consequence of ESP issues was diagnosed as a result of the mentoring process – to put this in context, our work cost just $183,000.

Cost benefit analysis

Spend – $183,000

Value – $5 million