With a 26 year continuous history of working in artificial lift, ALP has bundled everything it has learnt into the only truly manufacturer independent software package that will transform the way your production engineering is carried out for good.

Having worked with clients all from California to Colombia and from Aberdeen to Oman, we have learnt that most operators actually have enough production engineering resources, it’s about allowing them to work smarter and make better decisions.

So that’s why we developed the software. We think you’ll love it. So much so, we have a no risk pricing strategy. Your data is your data. If you don’t like it, stop using it and stop paying for it.

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Would you like to have the software tools to be firmly back in charge of managing your artificial lift systems?

Some say there’s an art to optimizing artificial lift. In our experience, it is a science that depends on accurate and appropriate data. While operators and suppliers produce plenty of figures, they’re often not the ones that are relevant to driving artificial lift improvement. And if the numbers do exist, they are so scattered across multiple systems and spreadsheets, they are unusable. Bringing it all together – even assuming you’re recording what you actually need – can be a nightmare.

After more than a decade of grappling with disparate data on many well types, we identified that there were opportunities to help our clients, by providing a systematic approach to what data they record – and more importantly, why they record it.

The result is three new apps that can be run in the cloud or on a server.

All use a core set of relevant data topped up by application-specific figures to show you exactly what your well is doing and what it should be doing. Armed with the difference between the two, you can then take action to maximize well performance at minimal cost.

Used together or separately, the three ALP apps will give you the correct data on which to take decisions, evaluate well and artificial lift performance, drive appropriate equipment specification, set supplier targets, manage contracts and provide you with a definition for success on artificial lift projects. The apps are Well Test, Pump Checker and Pump Analytics.

Well Test

With Well Test, we went back to basics. Each method of artificial lift differs but until now, data- gathering systems tended to just focus on collecting production rates. What you really need is a system fine-tuned for the artificial lift you’re using, so we’ve created an app that not only analyses data but also tells you what operating parameters to input with your rate information for the exact form of artificial lift you’re using.

Pump Checker

Pump Checker, is the ideal tool to optimize ESP production, and diagnose reservoir inflow performance for future system design. The second in our suite of apps shows you where your ESPs are losing production – and why. It validates Well Test data (giving you a double check on the figures), quantifies lost production and determines your bottom hole flowing pressure. By having your own tool and process to validate ESP performance, you as an operator are firmly back in charge of monitoring ESP-produced wells. It tells you if the equipment you’re using is performing and whether you’re getting all of your production.


Pump Analytics

Pump Analytics means you can challenge “well conditions” as being the cause of repetitive failures in Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) reports from your ESP supplier, by forcing failure categorization through a structured process that drives corrective actions, improving performance and ensuring fit-for-purpose equipment in your wells.


Operator, West Texas "The most important learning is that we are way deficient in our ESP analysis. We now have any action items that we need to work on to improve production. We have been focusing on the wrong parameters for ESP analysis."